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Davan Manufacturing Inc. 
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Our Facility

Our facility features over 17,500 square feet of climate controlled space fully dedicated to manufacturing, light fabrication, and assembly. The building features 20' high x 80' free span bays, and a 5 ton capacity overhead crane that services a full size truck loading bay. The larger CNC machines are serviced with jib cranes.

There is also excellent access to trucking terminals being located at the intersections of I-70 and I-79 in a developed industrial park on over 6 acres of property just 2 miles north on Main Street.

We offer local delivery within 50 miles,
and ship smaller items with UPS.
 Machines & Equipment


Vertical Machining Centers

  • Doosan VC 430 (twin pallet vertical production machining center 22x17” )

  • Mori Seiki DuraVertical 5100 (high speed machining center 40x20”)

Horizontal Machining Centers

  • Makino A81 (630mm twin pallet full 4th axis horizontal production machining center 31.5x35.5x31.5” capacity)

  • Makino A61 (High Speed 500mm twin pallet full 4th axis horizontal production machining center (28.7x25.5x31.5” capacity)

  • Makino A51 (High Speed twin 400mm pallet full 4th axis Horizontal Production Machining Center ( 22.x25.2xx25.2”)

  • Daewoo HP4000  High Speed twin 400mm pallet Horizontal Production Machining Center  Featuring 1000 PSI Coolant (24x232x24”)

Horizontal Mill/Turn Centers:

  • Doosan Puma 240MA (6” chuck Mill/Turn w/1.75” bar feed capacity)

  • Tsugami M08SY Gantry loader (8" chuck Mill/Turn w/subspindle )

  • Mori Seiki NL2000SMC (8” chuck mill/turn center w/subspindle & 2.5” bar feed capacity)

  • Mori Seiki NL2500SY (10"Ø Chuck Mill/Turn w/ Subspindle & 3” bar feed capacity)

  • Mori Seiki NL3000Y/700 (12"Ø Chuck Mill/Turn Center x 27” length, 3.5" bore) 

  • Doosan Puma 400MB (18"Ø Chuck Mill/Turn center x 40” length, 4.5" bore)

Vertical Mill/Turn Turn Centers:

  • Doosan 400MV (15" Ø Chuck Mill/Turn center to 16.5” diameter)

  • You Ji VTL800 ATC (32"Ø Chuck Mill/Turn center  up to 36” diameterfeaturing 1000psi tsc coolant)  

Conventional Equipment:

  •  Bridgeport Series II w/ DRO universal milling machine

  •  Kasto twin A4 (16” capacity fully automatic horizontal band saw)

  •  Marvel A81(18”capacity semi automatic vertical band saw)

  •  Lansing  Engine Lathe 12” chuck x 60” between centers w/ DRO

  •  Thompson Surface Grinder 12x24” table semi automatic

  •  Lincoln Tig/355 welder

  •  Lincoln MIg 255XT welder

Quality Control:

  •  Brown & Sharpe (manual coordinate measuring machine)

  •  Sheffield D28 (DCC automated coordinate measuring machine)

  • Aberlink Extreme 500 (high speed DCC automated CMM)

  •  Jones & Lamson (30” optical comparator)

  •  Full complement of dial bores, gage blocks, calipers and micrometers to 36”